Turok's Story & Protocol (Dog Cancer)

Turok's Story & Protocol (Dog Cancer)

Posted on December 21 2020, By: Perry Galanopoulos

The following story, recipe & protocol was introduced to FuFluns, by a beloved customer M.C., who is one of many we learn from and was looking for a real hemp product to support a friend's dog's cancer protocol.  We are indebted to M.C., who is an exceptional human being, deepened our own mushroom journey and enabled us to help ease other's suffering.*  

Turok's Story

"Turok was experiencing terminal effects of advanced stage metastatic lung cancer. He was choking from lymph nodes blocking his trachea and was determined to be inoperable. He currently has no visible symptoms and is eating normally.  In conclusion - we saw astounding results from this protocol and were in a hopeless situation with Turok before starting this regimen." - Max*


"Here we are 9 months since Turok’s diagnosis in March 2020, and he’s doing amazing. He still gets his daily mushroom compound and Fuflun’s CBD doses and has shown no signs of the cancer since early on during treatment. After just several weeks of his doses, he experienced signs of cancer die off. He completely stopped coughing (whereas he had been waking up with a horrible deep cough each morning and could not walk far or run at all without having these coughing attacks) and on the inner surface of one ear a red mass formed, got to the size of about half a marble, then opened up. We applied CBD and Manuka honey directly to the area, which slowly faded to a small white scar that is since undetectable. This marked the end of his coughing. Turok goes on daily woods adventures, has hiked mountains and miles of trails with nothing but the brightest tail wags.*

Turok and I owe so much to Max for coming up with the regimen and Perry for providing an above-and-beyond outstanding product.

I also believe the organ meat in his diet is key, which is found in RAWZ cans that he has remained on since March. I now give him his ghee-balls withs single-ingredient freeze-dried bison liver treats from the company Bravo!

We recently celebrated Turok’s 10th birthday! A date, back in March, that seemed would be a marker of mourning, as the original diagnoses was 1 to 2 months, with the caveat that he was going to continue to get worse.

Blessed that I still have my best friend with me, and he’s happy and thriving, and I owe that completely to the mushroom/cbd treatment that we have been applying, grateful for every extra day we have together."

--Connor and Turok 12/23/20


Turok's Protocol & Recipe

RECIPE - This recipe below is prepared in a stainless steel double boiler over low heat to soften the ghee and make sure everything is equally distributed. 

The quality of the hemp and mushroom extracts are REALLY important.  Most of what's out there is not grown / processed well to have a substantial enough quantity of the immune-modulating components. 
Turok's Recipe (Fits 4oz jar)
- 6 TBSP / 3/8 CUP Grass Fed GHEE
- 4 TBSP of mushroom powder - Break open FuFluns' Master Mushroom Blend  
- 2 TBSP Turmeric Juice Power
- 1 TSP Ceylon Cinnamon (Make sure its Ceylon because Coumarin in Cassia Cinnamon is toxic to dogs)
- Hint of Pepper (littlest bit to help activate the turmeric because dogs are sensitive to pepper)
Turok's Use 
- 1 TSP of Turok's Medicine Batch 2-3x a day (he weighs roughly 30lbs). 
- Plus quite a lot of Fufluns' Hemp Extract (CBD),  which we worked up to. He takes 50-60mg a day divided over 2-3 doses administered orally when he gets his Ghee ball. We get the strongest stuff Perry makes commercially - his human and pet formulas are the same, only the concentration changes. 

FOOD - we switched him to https://rawznaturalpetfood.com/dog/rendered-free/chicken-chicken-liver/. It's a really boring, really digestible food that he would eat after he was no longer consuming his normal kibble. Anything super boring / digestible would work.

FOOD SUPPLEMENT - We supplemented his food by mixing in https://www.answerspetfood.com/portfolio-item/fermented-raw-goat-milk/ which is really good for the immune system. This product can be helpful as well if your pup doesn't like to eat the bitter ghee ball https://www.answerspetfood.com/products/raw-goat-cheese/

Sammy's Sneeze

 (Warning Graphic)

Sammy was a pet family member of one of our Acupuncture partners.  His scheduled euthanasia was cancelled after beginning Turok's protocol, sneezing up the masses below and began doing "doggie stuff" again. He held on for five months and will forever be missed.
Below are a couple of (graphic) images of what came out of him after beginning Turok's Protocol.  This acupuncturist actually froze the masses and brought them to their veterinarian who had no interest in the masses or the protocol...  
We make no claims, but have our own beliefs in the power of mushrooms. 
* Consult your physician or veterinarian prior to use, if you are pregnant, nursing have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.  This product and protocol is for informational purposes only.  It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease!


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