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About Us

I founded FuFluns as a health conscious, environmentally focused, supply chain expert who was tired of seeing big business mislead, cut corners and poison our planet. FuFluns offers discerning consumers vegan natural supplements of uncompromising quality, and a positive social and environmental impact.  

Our products are sourced domestically, grown regeneratively (biodynamic) and extracted using a 500 year old artisanal method that separates, purifies and reunites the soul, body and spirit of the plant or fungi.

We look at the science and build an optimally and environmentally friendly supply chain around it, partnering with passionate, well intentioned family owned businesses.  

FuFluns lives in the forest on the north shore of Chicago.  He has an awesome, understanding wife; three super kids and the best dog in the world. Environmentally focused, we have dedicated 1% of our revenue to the planet, source sustainably and locally, and recycle diligently.  We also provide flexible pricing to businesses and individuals with special circumstances.


Contact Us

Email                                                                                      info@fuflunsfoods.com.

Phone                                                                                                                  (630) 750 - 4643 

Sales Office & Company Store                                                                              310 Happ Road Northfield, IL 60093                                                                    STE 203

Store hours are currently limited due to COVID, please call in advance.