Topical salve containing an herbalist’s blend of organic herbs and hemp extract to provide all natural localized relief. 

The process begins with organically, sustainably and biodynamically cultivated hemp, grown in a fertile pesticide free valley on the western slope of the Colorado mountains.  Flower (bud) is hand harvested to protect the delicate cannabinoid and terpene rich trichomes.  It is then extracted using a natural plant based extraction (organic cane alcohol) that pulls everything out of the plant.  Our plants are naturally free of contaminants. 

Strength 200mg 1oz

Other organic ingredients: 

  • St. john’s Wort - This herb is specifically indicated for any sort of nerve pain or damage to nerves. It not only helps relieve the pain but it is a nervous system trophorestorative in that it may restore the function of injured/damaged nerves. It also helps to modulate excess inflammation in an injured area and can be effective in reducing swelling and bruising.  It is useful topically for nerve pain, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, neuropathy, hemorrhoids with pain, facial neuralgia, and toothache.
  • Arnica - increases the circulation of blood to the muscles and within and around a joint. Topically Arnica is useful in relieving pain, modulating inflammation, swelling, and bruising.  It is useful for sprains, bruises, hematomas, edema, fractures, arthritis, and general muscle soreness and tension.
  • Yarrow - This herb works on the blood in marvelous ways it can not only staunch excess bleeding but it’s great at addressing impaired circulatory stagnation. It breaks up stagnant and congested blood. It is also a powerful vulnerary aiding in the restoration of damaged tissues. This herb also promotes angiogenesis (the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels)
  • Rosemary - has a lovely invigorating scent, stimulates circulation and helps to break up muscle tension. Useful in relieving rheumatic aches and pains.
  • Lavender - calming and soothing, works on nervous tension, adds a nice aroma to formulas, anti-inflammatory, soothing to inflamed skin. 
  • Black Pepper - warming, helps to break up tension increase circulation, drive other herbs deeper.

USAGE:  Rub salve topically where needed                                    

Warning: For External Use Only.                                                        

Caution: Staining may occur due to the Chlorophyll.


Contains less than 0.3% THC 

* This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  For use by adults 18 and older.

Important Disclaimers:  Consult with a physician prior to use.  Do not use if you are lactating or pregnant.  Keep away from children.  Use Caution if subject to drug screening. Please be advised hemp extract can cause a false positive on some tests.

Soothing Salve 200mg 1oz
Soothing Salve 200mg 1oz
Soothing Salve 200mg 1oz